About Spark

Spark schools launched preschool program with the first location called Spark international prep school & corporate daycare. At Electronic city phase 1 and phase 2

We have a live access for preschool and Daycare and have several corporate  tie ups for day care with our corporate client TCS, Continental, Siemens Healthniers, Electrobit, Tata power Solar  ,Aurigene

Spark international Prep Schools which serves nearly thousands of children who attend our part time, as well as, our full time  program. Our faculty trained and  committed to excellence, and works collaboratively to establish a warm, nurturing environment in order to foster a truly memorable early childhood experience. Here at Spark prep Schools and corporate daycare ,our focus is simply to provide each child with a warm, supportive and nurturing environment. I believe that it is extremely important for parents and Spark faculty to work together to ensure that every child is welcomed, and a part of our learning center. We need to support each other. We are all in this together.


Spark works very hard at providing creative activities and enhancing our program every day. We frequently host events and special activities that require parent or family participation. I encourage you to participate and be a part of the Spark family and be involved whenever possible. Nothing is more meaningful to your child than your time and involvement. We encourage our families to stay involved by visiting our website for frequent updates and our Facebook page and Twitter account. We are working hard to continually update our sites with news and events, pictures, reminders and informational articles. We  are thrilled that every day we are able to be a part of your children’s young lives and have the opportunity to see them experience learning. I look forward to meeting all of our new families and welcoming you into our learning community.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is based on one key principle – happy children are successful learners.  By providing a safe and stimulating environment children feel confident to explore and learn through new experiences.